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Dear Material Science Specialists,
Please note, ProChimia introduces the Metal Organic Frameworks category into regular offer. As a first family member the MOF-5 (Zn4O(C8H4O4)3) with the 0.8 nm pores is available at an outstanding crystal sizes!
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Dear Self-Assembly Specialists,
ProChimia have just introduced COMPLETE and UPDATED CATALOG of our surface chemistry chemicals offered in 2012/13. It is available to download from Hot Links Box on the left-side menu.
For the quick review of the latest additions to our offer please review the New Products banner above.

Please keep in mind the regular offer is accompanied by the wealth of CUSTOM SYNTHESIS products that we shall be happy to deliver upon your inquiry.


Dear Customers,
ProChimia introduces new class of surface modification compounds: PHOTOCLEAVABLE THIOLS. Join the UV-patterning SAMs specialists now and enjoy your spectacular results near future! The robust cleavage via unique coumarin-4-ylmethyl moiety becomes now available from ProChimia.

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Please visit ProChimia unique nanocomposite offer:
The Nanoparticle Boutique


PDF Catalogs

PDF product catalogs for download can be found here.

Silane Surfaces Protocol

Our protocols for Silane Surfaces can be found here.


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