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HS-(CH2)m-OC(O)-IzoButyrate-BrProduct structure:Detailed information:
Standard products:m: 11
Custom synthesis variants:m: 10, 15
Description:Due to frequent inquiries of our customers we have introduced the α-bromobutyrate ester moiety on the standard alkanethiol scafold in ProChimia's regular offer.
This molecule is an interesting example of gold surface stabilizing agent that serves by its α-bromoester distal group as an initiator unit for atom transfer radical (ATR) polymerization. The α-bromobutyrate-11-undecanethiol was used for efficient covalent attachment of polymer chains to gold nanoparticles (Stefan Nuss et al. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2001)

m Compound Cat. No. Weight
11 HS-C11- OC(O)- IzoButyrate-Br FT 015-m11-0.2 200 mgPrice
FT 015-m11-1 1 gPrice

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