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ProChimia Surfaces is a privately held company established in 2001 and located in Gdansk, Poland. Capitalizing on interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of chemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, ProChimia delivers state-of-the-art solutions for chemical and biochemical modification of various types of surfaces and materials. Our business has three main components:

(i) We develop and market chemicals for functionalized self-assembled monolayers. Our selection is truly unique, and the compounds we design can be used to modify metals (gold, silver, platinum, copper, etc.), glass, silicon, oxide, or composite surfaces. The thiols, dithiols, dithiolanes, silanes, catechols and coupling reagents we provide are rigorously tested for purity and efficiency. The SAMs (Self-Assembled Monolayers) formed by our chemicals impart the surfaces being coated various properties including bioresistance to non-specific binding of proteins or cells, reactivity toward specific molecules, controlled hyrdophobicity, electrochemical or optical activity, switchability, and more.

(ii) We develop and market a selection of monodisperse metal (Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Pd) and iron oxide nanoparticles functionalized with various ligands: charged, pH-sensitive, biospecific, etc. (please visit our Nanoparticle Boutique)

(iii) We offer comprehensive custom research services in the fields of chemical- and nano-synthesis. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their scientific needs are fully met.

Our products are used by over 2,000 organizations worldwide in fields ranging from chemistry and material science, through molecular diagnostics and biosensors, to micro- and nanotechnology. The list of our clients includes prestigious academic institutions (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Oxford, ETH, etc.) as well as the leading hi-tech companies (Intel, Fuji, IBM, Qiagene, and more).

Most recently ProChimia Surfaces has launched a new R&D initiative to combine our expertise in surface engineering with research on renewable energy sources. Our research aims at the purification of bio-fuels and recovery of "green chemicals" produced from biomass. This scientific effort is sponsored by a grant from the European Commission within the 7th WP project entitled: "Sustainable and integrated production of liquid biofuels, bioenergy and green chemicals from glycerol in biorefineries" (GLYFINERY).

Our facilities dedicated to nano-composite production and Renewable Energy Research and Development are located at PPNT (Pomeranian Science and Technology Park) in Gdynia.

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