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Head Office

ProChimia Surfaces Sp. z o.o.
Aleja Zwycińôstwa 96/98, office F8
81-451 Gdynia

  • Fax: +48 58 69 82 181
  • Mobile: +48 502 115 807

Japan Exclusive Distributor

Surf Mods LTD.

1-18-8 Koyamadai Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo 142-0061

Contact person: Yukiko Sato

China Distributor

Morey Biosciences Inc.

Room 704, An Ji Building
No.760 Xizang Road(South)
Shanghai, 200011

Customer support

We try to answer, to the best of our ability, the questions regarding the properties, stability and functioning of the chemicals we sell. Please forward technical questions regarding the products you purchased from us to Please note that we are not able to answer questions from non-customers. Visitors to our site wishing to learn some basic facts regarding thiols and SAMs and Silances are directed to our QnA including useful info about storage, handling and SAMs formation.